Capital gains tax in Scotland: bands, rates and allowances

Capital Gains Tax in Scotland is a key component of the tax system, affecting both individuals and businesses across the country. Grasping the various mechanics of CGT, including its bands, rates and allowances, is fundamental for anyone who buys, sells or trades...

What is the SA1 form for self-assessment?

Understanding HMRC’s SA1 form is essential for anyone who needs to register with HMRC for tax self-assessment but isn't self-employed. It's specifically designed for individuals with income sources such as rental earnings, certain investments, and savings that aren't...

How to reduce corporation tax

Your company is legally required to pay tax on its profits, but there are ways to reduce corporation tax while still complying with your legal requirements. The Government offers various tax reliefs, allowances and incentives that could help you minimise your...

How is capital gains tax calculated?

Capital gains tax (CGT) is paid on profits created when you sell an asset that rises in value. So, how is capital gains tax calculated?


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