What income tax might you pay in 2021/22?

Some of the income tax rates and bands in Scotland for 2021/22 should rise 0.5% in line with the September 2020 CPI rate of inflation. What might you pay?

Reverse charge VAT in the construction sector

If you provide specific construction services and your business is VAT-registered, a major change in who accounts for VAT and who pays it to HMRC is around the corner (or is it?)

UK property & capital gains tax reporting rules

If you sell a second home or buy-to-let property and it attracts a gain, this needs to be reported and any capital gains tax paid within 30 days of the completion date or late-filing penalties apply.

Employee benefits-in-kind during COVID

How have benefits-in-kind changed in response to the coronavirus pandemic, how are they taxed and how do you report them in the most challenging of years?

Westminster expands coronavirus support

All you need to know about the furlough scheme and the third taxable grant available through the SEISS, rounding up Westminster’s improved support measures.

Reporting the SEISS & filing your tax return

Coronavirus grants claimed through the self-employed income support scheme do not need to be repaid, but they are taxable and your obligations start from 31 January 2021.

Economic update: What it means for employers

Westminster announced more temporary measures in an economic update on 8 July 2020, which affect certain sectors and employers while aiming to prop up the UK economy.

The residence nil-rate band

Earlier this year, it was far from certain that the final increase to the residence nil-rate band would go ahead. Such was the clamour for change to inheritance tax prior to the Spring Budget back in March, rumours were rife that this could be abandoned. The £100,000...


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