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Tax relief on medical exam fees during training contracts

Things have moved on from a couple of years ago where following the Dr Banerjee case the relief due was restricted to the exam fees paid to the Royal College of General Practitioners for the Applied Knowledge Tests and the Clinical Skills Assessment. These are now...

Reducing inheritance tax by a deed of variation

It emerged last month that Labour party stalwart Tony Benn had taken careful steps to minimise the amount of inheritance tax (IHT) due on his estate when he died. Benn, who died in March this year, made use of what we accountants call a 'deed of variation'. When...

Tax relief on RCGP exam fees

This has been made available from the RCGP: "We are writing to give you the very welcome news that you may be able to receive tax relief on AKT and CSA examination fees paid since 2009. Based on the advice of tax experts, we have in the past informed our trainees that...


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