Thomas Barrie & Co have been advising solicitors for many years dealing with the problems of sole practitioners and partnerships.

While the current Accounts Rules in Scotland involve self certification of compliance with the Rules several of our client firms still retain our services to assist them in this area. We tailor our work to suit the practice needs.

The single largest area of concern to solicitors currently is the impact on their accounts and the resultant tax liabilities of the new accounting practice dealing with the recognition of income. For many years legal firms operated on a cash basis only recognising income when it was received. This basis ceased to be acceptable several years ago and firms had to bring in debtors and work in progress into their accounts. The tax charge was spread over a 10 year period.

The new rules take that a stage further. Until now you could ignore partner time in the work in progress calculation provided you had no more than 5 partners. Under the new scenario, if you have a right to a fee at any stage during the conduct of an assignment then that needs to be taken into account in your work in progress calculation.

We have a lot of experience in this area and are well placed to assist you in forming a view on your work in progress valuation. Call 0141 221 2257 to discuss.

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