Looking for a company secretary?

20th September 2017

Are you looking for a company secretary to manage your business administration?

Whatever line of work your practice specialises in, a company secretary can ensure your business complies with the financial and legal standards of corporate governance.

We explore this administrative position in more detail and how it can be of use to your business.

What is a company secretary?

Sometimes known as the head of governance, a company secretary acts as a point of contact between the directors and shareholders, advising them on areas such as corporate law, finance and strategy.

Strategic decision-making may be involved to outline the company’s key procedures and ongoing developments. 

All discussions are then reported to the company chairman.


A company secretary would have a wide range of responsibilities but this may differ depending on the level of the job role, company size and the sector it operates in.

Some of the key duties of a company secretary include:

  • providing guidance on rules and regulations to the chairman and directors 
  • maintaining good relationships with shareholders and directors
  • monitoring legislative changes and taking appropriate action when necessary
  • maintaining statutory books, organising board meetings and preparing agendas
  • developing and overseeing systems the company complies with, such as applicable codes, legal and statutory requirements.

Do you need a company secretary?

A public sector company may have different objectives to a private sector company, so the question will come down to whether or not a company secretary would be necessary for you.

A company secretary’s role may differ in smaller companies, where a person may need to administer the company’s pension scheme.

Other responsibilities may include:

  • sorting contract agreements with suppliers and consumers
  • managing property and office space
  • controlling aspects of financial management and PR.

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